Goals and Description

In the first course it is the presentation of an overview regarding theory and practical parts of the approach combined with general information regarding scoliosis.
The students will learn to recognize scoliosis features, assess scoliosis, categorize patients and start to develop thinking in “Body Blocks” and necessary corrections in body planes around biomechanical axes. Corrective breathing provides an essential element for the use of intrinsic forces to improve functional activities and mobility in the concavities of the deformed and altered trunk.

Positioning with simple tools is a crucial part in the learning process from a simple to a more complex understanding and also a first step in the adaptation of the ISST elements into the daily routine of the therapy process.
Participants learn the basic corrections including pelvic corrections with basic tension and assistive shoulder traction. Manual techniques will be used for proprioceptive teaching and to improve functional capability of the patients.

Basic 3 dimensional stabilizing exercises in stable positioning help to restore physiological alignment. Important is to adapt and internalize the typical exercise instructions in order to reach an automated state in the learning process.

At the end of Part I the written exam takes place.

Homework task / study task

Between Part I and Part II participants have to prepare a documentation of 2 case reports for 2 different patients.

The documentation includes examination protocol, positioning diagram, photos from patients in standing position (front-back-side-Adams test), with basic corrections in lying and sitting position and the therapy plan: 3 exercises, 1 breathing exercise, 2 mobilizing techniques, 2 home-exercises.

In Part II these papers will be a prerequisite for the certification process.

Some of the case reports have to be presented and discussed.

Study task

Students have to read the 2011 Sosort guidelines scoliosis. Pubmed, scoliosis journal is an open access journal: www.scoliosisjournal.com

Goal for the homework task and study is to work independently with the examination assessment tools and practice the evaluation, preparation and documentation of the scoliosis specific therapy.
The case presentation at Part II describes ways to install the program in the daily routine and it could be discussed the prospects but also the limitations of the approach.

Studying the Sosort Guidelines 2011 helps to understand the range of different less and more intensive conservative therapy elements (regular observation, exercise based pro-active therapy, part-time/full-time bracing, surgical intervention) regarding the assessment of the risk of progression. To get in contact with the scoliosis journal is necessary in order to find more current and developing information in the scoliosis field.

Continuous Education Credits


To keep the certificate valid ISST- Schroth Therapist´s have to participate at  ISST refresher courses within 3yr after the last renewal. The refresher courses were organized either by the regional instructors or the senior instructor. Participants can freely choose refresher courses approved by the ISST-International – Training Institute in different regions.

Upcoming ISST Basic Courses Part I
ID Course Name Duration Start Date
ISST-2997 ISST Basic Course Part I (Edmonton, Canada) – CANCELED 5 days February 17, 2023
ISST-3296 ISST Basic Course Part I (Bacău, Romania) 5 days February 27, 2023
ISST-3155 ISST Basic Course Part I (Willowbrook, IL, USA) 5 days February 28, 2023
ISST-3283 ISST Basic Course Part I (Dubai, UAE) – CANCELED 5 days March 6, 2023
ISST-3458 ISST Basic Course Part I (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) 5 days March 7, 2023
ISST-3284 ISST Basic Course Part I (Dubai, UAE) – CANCELED 5 days March 11, 2023
ISST-3460 ISST Basic Course Part I (Doha, Qatar) 5 days March 14, 2023
ISST-3291 ISST Basic Course Part I (Zagreb, Croatia) 5 days March 22, 2023
ISST-3292 ISST Basic Course Part I (Novi Sad, Serbia) 5 days April 4, 2023
ISST-3601 ISST Basic Course Part I (Edmonton, Canada) 5 days April 19, 2023
ISST-3572 ISST-Basic Course Part I (Athens, Greece) 5 days April 26, 2023
ISST-3225 ISST Basic Course Part I (Perth, Australia) 5 days May 6, 2023
ISST-3513 ISST Basic Course Part I (Singapore) 5 days May 6, 2023
ISST-3300 ISST Basic Course Combo (Angeles City, Philippines) 10 days May 8, 2023
ISST-3506 ISST Basic Course Part I (Venstpils, Latvia) 5 days May 10, 2023
ISST-3516 ISST Basic Course Part I (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 5 days May 22, 2023
ISST-3293 ISST Basic Course Part I (Split, Croatia) 5 days May 24, 2023
ISST-3294 ISST Basic Course Part I (Minsk, Belarus) 5 days May 31, 2023
ISST-3295 ISST Basic Course Part I (Minsk, Belarus) 5 days June 5, 2023
ISST-3536 Basic ISST Course – Part I (Kaunas, Lithuania) 5 days June 14, 2023
ISST-3566 ISST Basic Course Combo (Novi Sad, Serbia) 10 days June 15, 2023
ISST-3568 ISST Basic Course Part I (Sofia, Bulgaria) 5 days October 4, 2023
ISST-3219 ISST Basic Course Part I (Dubai, UAE) – CANCELED 5 days October 11, 2023