Training program for ISST/SANOMED partnership

Under the leadership of: Hans Jörg Heinen, OT

Training targeting to become a cooperation partner of the brace company SANOMED, Bad Sobernheim, Germany. The training starts with the participation at our further education program especially for scoliosis and kyphosis braces to get an understanding of Cheneau brace principles and the specific aspects of the SANOMED-Brace according to the Asklepios Katharina Schroth principles.

The idea of the partnership with the SANOMED company is to improve the brace quality sharing our experience in brace-design, production, and fitting with interested orthopedic technicians.

Specific topics of the training program measure patients according to the SANOMED-Brace protocol including digital photo documentation, body scans, and optimal and accurate brace-fitting according to the blueprint of the brace adapted to the unique features of the patients.

The Sobernheim-Brace classification and computerized 3D modeling is part of the SANOMED service offered to partners. The service also includes the manufacturing process using CNC milling machines to carve out the mold, vacuum thermoforming and trimming a sheet of plastic to generate a usable product or in the future supporting the 3D-printing of the brace.

Supervision at your place with experts from SANOMED helps to foster the quality and the individual competence of the local brace management.

Further education for OT´s (orthopedic technicians)

Under the leadership of Michael Rexing, OT


Theory and principles of brace technology and idiopathic scoliosis treatment based on Sobernheim functional brace classification is addressed towards practicing P&O professionals who are interested in this advanced spinal bracing system.

Courses are organized at the University of Göttingen, Germany or together with the online-learning platform Human Study.

The so-called SCOPe (Specialized Courses for Orthotics and Prosthetics) are combined online and on-site courses, including a multidisciplinary approach combining basics from the ISST- PT program with the typical OT treatment.

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