Janine Kerstholt MSc

Janine Kerstholt

Janine Kerstholt MSc

Regional Schroth Instructor (Pt 1 & 2)

Phone: +31618520527
Company: TopFit Janine Kerstholt
Address: Biltstraat 443, 3572 AW Utrecht, The Netherlands

After graduated as Physical Therapist in 1977, I worked for several years in a general practice in Utrecht. That’s where I became interested in the treatment of scoliosis patients. In those day’s we had very good education in scoliosis treatment in the Netherlands. I did specialization courses with Elizabeth van der Meulen in The Hague.

After 10 years working as physical therapist, I started my study Computer Science, with specialization “medical informatics”, at the University of Leiden. After finishing my Master studies I worked for several years in this field.
I returned in the Physical Therapy, because of the economic crisis in the nineties, and specialized in sports. I worked as physical therapist and as a trainer at the SportsCenter of the University of Utrecht.
When I found out that patients with scoliosis all became operated, I went to “Asklepios Katharina Schroth klinik” for specialization in Schroth Therapy.
In my country there was no specialized conservative treatment of scoliosis any more.

In 2012, I decided to start a clinic, specialized in scoliosis treatment in Utrecht. And I started cooperation with the German Doctors and Technician in Bad Sobernheim to build up a high quality team in conservative treatment of scoliosis for my patients.
Because I was surprised about the results of my patients, I started in 2019 my research on the effectivity of Schroth Therapy in the treatment of my scoliosis patients.
My goal is to bring Scoliosis Treatment on a higher level, to increase the quality of life in children and adults with scoliosis and decrease the number of surgery.
Physical Therapy, and special Scoliosis Specific Treatment, is not a standard care in my country. With my results I want to change that.
That’s also the reason why I want to educate my colleagues in Schroth Therapy.
In October 2019 I received my Teacher’s Certificate Part I and II and from 2020, I’ll take care of the courses in The Netherlands.
My Dutch courses will be in Dutch language.

Other Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
ISST-1957 Basic ISST Part II (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days October 26, 2020
ISST-1956 Basic ISST Part I (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days September 9, 2020
ISST-1510 Basic ISST Part II (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days August 26, 2020
ISST-1509 Basic ISST Part I (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days June 24, 2020
ISST-1093 Basic ISST Part II (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days September 25, 2019
ISST-1092 Basic ISST Part I (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days April 11, 2019
ISST-817 Basic ISST Part I (Utrecht, Netherland) 5 days May 30, 2018
ISST.REFRESH-606 ISST Refresher Course – Utrecht, Netherlands 2 days September 24, 2017