Short Introduction

Schroth therapy has a long tradition. It was founded in 1921 by Katharina Schroth in Meissen in the eastern part of Germany. In 1961 Katharina and her daughter Christa moved to Bad Sobernheim and in 1983 established their clinic – the “Katharina Schroth Klinik.”

Katharina died in 1985. Christa continued the work of her mother and refined the orthopedic –breathing treatment. In 1972 Christa published a textbook on the principles of  3-dimensional scoliosis treatment. In 1995 the clinic was sold to the Asklepios Company a health care provider in Germany. The further development of the method was developed mainly by the head of the physical therapy department Axel Hennes and Udo Roevenich and scientifically proven by the orthopedist HR Weiss the medical director and son from Christa until 2008 when he left the clinic and built up his own treatment program (Best Practise). Christa was retired in 1995 and died in March 2015.

The Schroth Method developed into the most recognized conservative exercise-based approach for scoliosis treatment. The Asklepios Katharina-Schroth-Klinik offers an intensive in-patient therapy program for 3-5 weeks for children, adolescents as well as for adult scoliosis patients.

PT´s from Germany came to take training courses since 1986 and started to use the method in their out-patient therapeutic facilities. Since that time patients learn coping with scoliosis in a non-surgical and if possible “non-bracing” way of treatment.

Today braces play an important and evidenced-based role in the treatment of scoliosis. For ISST therapists it is crucial to understand the principles of bracing and to evaluate the quality of a brace concept.
For patients with a brace, the ISST-Schroth therapist should implement brace treatment strategy into the physical therapy approach for scoliosis.
Therefore the cooperation with professional health caretaker in the scoliosis field (orthotists, physicians, orthopedics, orthopedic surgeons) should become an active part of building a multi-professional team.

Axel Hennes founded  ISST-International with the ISST-Training Institute. He works closely together with the Asklepios and SANOMED company a highly specialized out-patient spine care center providing complete medical services(EOS, MRI) within the MVZ-Sobernheim and orthopedic technical service (SANOMED -braces) and physical therapy services (Schroth therapy) for spinal deformities.

Training courses in English held by the senior Schroth instructor Axel Hennes and other international Schroth instructors trained by him were available since 2008 in different countries.

The ISST-Training Institute offers training courses especially for physical therapists as well as educational courses for orthopedic technicians in cooperation with Human Studies.

ISST, as the international Schroth conservative physical therapy approach, is based consequently on the original Schroth therapy developed and practiced in the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Kliniken.
For patients, Nikola Jevtic, an ISST-Schroth instructor, has developed special ISST-Camps. In 7 to 10-day intensive therapy programs patients learn the principles of the Schroth treatment and follow more motivated and committed their residential therapy approach fulfilling their home exercise programs in a more effective quality.
This service is especially for international patients having not the chance to follow the intensive training programs provided by the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Kliniken for international patients.

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