ISST Basic Course Part II (Novi Sad, Serbia)

December 7, 2022
5 days


Nikola Jevtić MSc
International Schroth Instructor


Futoški put 1, Novi Sad, Serbia   View map

Price of the course is 700 euro; payments are made in dinar equivalence according to the middle exchange rate on the payment date. Payment can be made in seven monthly installments, so that the last installment is paid on the day of the course. It is also possible to make the payment in two installments, so that the first installment is paid 3 months before the start of the course, and the second one on the day the course begins. In the event of cancellation of participation in the course 3 months before its start, you can refund your money minus the amount of 150 euro (in dinar equivalence), in case of cancellation within a time period that is shorter than 3 months until the start of the course, your money will be refunded minus the amount of 350 euro (in dinar equivalence).

Price of the course includes: ISST course in duration of 5 days which includes 38,5h time education. Manual for the first part of the course

The price also includes breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.

Price of the course does not include accommodation for the participants. Accommodation of the participants may subsequently be paid through the course organizers. Price per person is 15 euro per double-room in a hotel. The price includes a night without meals.

In order to maintain the course, it is necessary for it to count minimum 7 and maximum 14 participants. In case there are less than 7 participants, the organizer grants the right to cancel the course and in that case the money would be refunded to participants in the entire amount.

Payment instructions:

Payer: Your name, surname and address

Purpose of payment: Education Isst methods

Recipient: Nikola Jevtić PR, Scolio Center Novi Sad


Bank account: 160-430941-69

Reference number: no

All the payment slips are necessary to be preserved and attached as evidence on the day of the course!

It is also possible to make the payment through the company; in this case it is necessary to contact us via e-mail to issue a pro forma invoice to you. It is not possible to pay by payment card.

If you are interested in this course, please

Contact organizer


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