Regional Instructor Part I

Assigned by the senior instructor to organize and provide ISST Part I course, including the written exam, within a defined country or region. Course language is English or with local language translation.

Regional Instructor Part I & Part II

Assigned by the senior instructor to organize and provide ISST course Part I and Part II including the written and practical exam. Course language is English or the local language.

Senior Instructor

Responsible for the complete ISST course system, education and assignment for new instructors, certifications and organization of instructor-meetings.

Educational process for ISST – Regional Schroth Instructor

Training description and Continuous Education: Applicants for ISST-Regional Schroth Instructors proofing their competence by offering scoliosis specific services to a lot of scoliosis patients in their region. They should have intensive contact to the ISST- Senior Schroth Instructor or should be well-known and acknowledged by other trained and certified ISST- Regional Schroth Instructors.

Further criteria:

  • 5 years of continuous clinical experience as ISST- Basic Schroth Therapist
  • ISST- Schroth instructor cannot be an instructor of other PSSE methods (BSPTS, SEAS, FITS, Dobomed)
  • In her/his clinical practice collects all data as per ISST-Schroth manual

Before starting with the training the senior instructor has to evaluate and coordinate the necessity and  the application for a new instructor with the board of the S-C-S Training Institute.

ISST- Regional Schroth Instructor candidates have to assist the senior instructor in at least 2 ISST Part I courses. The first course held by the candidate has to be performed under the supervision of the senior instructor. Passing that procedure the regional instructor will be certified as an ISST- Regional Schroth Instructor Part I and is approved to organize and offer ISST- Part I courses independently.

For the following 4 courses ISST- Part II will be held by the senior instructor with the assistance of the ISST- Regional Schroth Instructor Part I.  This helps to foster the educational skills of the regional instructor and keep the ISST principles clear. The first independently held ISST- Part II course is supervised and evaluated by the senior instructor. After successfully completing the ISST- Part II course the senior instructor will appoint the candidate to a complete ISST- Regional Schroth Instructor Part I and II.

The certificate is issued by the S-C-S Training Institute.

  Information regarding courses

Phone: +49 170 8320343


Compani: MVZ Bad Sobernheim GmbH

Address: Staudernheimer Str. 57, 55566 Bad Sobernheim, Germany

Axel Hennes

International ISST – Schroth Instructor

Axel Hennes, was one of the senior PT´s of the Asklepios Katharina Schroth clinic in Germany.  Since 1990 he was in charge with the educational part of the Schroth method. He has mainly influenced the course system in Germany and started in 2008 as an international Schroth Senior Instructor to offer international Schroth courses in English language. Since that time he has developed the ISST program concentrating clearly on a conservative out-patient therapy approach.

ISST – Regional Schroth Instructors

Takashi Uozaki

Regional ISST Instructor

Phone: +81 749 46 2311
Company: Shiga School of Medical Technology
Address: Unknown, Japan

Nikola Jevtić MSc

Regional Schroth Instructor

Phone: +381643711000
Association: Scolio Center
Address: Futoški put 1, Novi Sad, Serbia

Sanja Schreiber Ph.D.

Regional Schroth Instructor

Phone: -
Company: Curvy Spine
Address: 2003 91 St SW, Edmonton AB, Canada

In-Hyeub Baek

Regional ISST Instructor

Phone: +82 10 5266 2571
Company: IAME Korea International Academy of Medical Education
Address: Unknown, South Korea

Deniz Aktan

Regional ISST Instructor

Phone 1: 0(216) 373 66 16
Phone 2: 0(216) 372 49 25
Company: Sportomed Suadiye
Address: Istanbul, Turkey

Avis Leung PT DPT

Regional Schroth Instructor

Phone: 1-630-828-3824
Company: SpinelineRehab
Address: 621 Plainfield Road, Ste 105, Willowbrook, IL 60527, USA

Jeong-A Kim

Regional ISST Instructor

Phone: Unknown
Company: Unknown
Address: Unknown, South Korea

Gook-Joo Kim

Regional ISST Instructor

Phone: Unknown
Company: Unknown
Address: Unknown, South Korea