(Integrated in the MVZ-Sobernheim, Staudernheimer Str.57, 55566 Bad Sobernheim,  Germany)

S-C-S  Training Institute

Effective conservative treatment for scoliosis
Education and training for non-surgical scoliosis treatment

Board of directors: Axel Hennes, Dr. Kay Steffan, Michael Rexing, Ulrike Najda

ISST Branches

ISST Courses

In the 3-6 month between the intensive 5 days training sessions the therapist has to implement and practise the learned elements thoroughly into his daily routine.

ISST – Camp

This is an intensive scoliosis-specific group treatment according to the original Katharina Schroth Method.

S-C-S Multidisciplinary team

For orthopedic specialists and physicians, under the leadership of Dr. Kay Steffan, MD

S-C-S Brace

For orthopedic technicians, under the leadership of Hans Jörg Heinen, OT